Aging is one of the worst nightmares that everyone have to go through. Aging occurs due to some changes that are going into the cells of the body. Thus, the whole body has to go through these changes as time passes.

Skin being the most superficial layer and the barrier to chemical particles has to suffer the most. It has to deal with all the environmental challenges. The appearance of fine lines on your face and pigmentation is one of the earliest signs of aging.

Most of the people nowadays are having these signs earlier then they should be. Well, pollution is the main culprit. Increasing toxic substances in the air are causing more damage to the skin. This is making the aging process appears earlier.

But, why do we age? What is going on inside?

These questions are very important. Because, if we know the thing that is causing us to age, then we might figure out a solution as well.


There are different theories that can help us find out what is causing the changes in our skin. Two of them that are important are:


Radicals are active ions or charged particles which are unstable . These charged particles can be generated due to use of chemicals and desperetly need one electorn to become stable. When produced the particles attack your skin cells and take  that electron that they nedd. Thus, making them cause lysis or death of the cells. When cells are death they accumulate over your skin making it looks dull and old.

Our skin has a tendency to regenerate itself. But, with time these radicals slows down this process of regeneration. If the process stops that means now your skin cannot heal itself. Thus, you start having those early signs of aging on your skin.


As time passes, the collagen fibers in your skin start cross-linking. Collagen is present inside the deep layers of skin. It is responsible for keeping your skin elastic. No collagen means your skin loses its elasticity. Due to which, the wrinkles appear on the skin.

When you age, your skin collagen starts cross-linking and degenerating. This makes the skin loses the moisture and elasticity that was keeping it young.

These are the two most accepted mechanism through which the skin age. Pollution is causing more radicals to generate on the skin. That is the reason why we are having more skin problems than our ancestors used to have.


Right now, most of our beauty industry is interested in coming up with the best anti-aging product. These products can help us in delaying the signs of aging as claimed by the companies. That means now people can really have a younger looking glowing skin for a longer time.

Veriety of products are tried and tested and help the skin retain its elasticity. One product that has been tried and tested for its efficiency is anti-aging collagen face mask. This face mask is created with one of the finest ingredients that can help in keeping the skin younger looking.


Choosing the right ingredients to make the right product is very important. The anti-aging collagen face mask is made with components that give the mask its properties to fight to age.


Collagen as previously told plays a very important role in keeping the skin young. Some of its properties are:

  •    It makes the skin elastic and tight.
  •    Collagen is very important for keeping the skin moist and hydrated.

Thus, when the skin starts losing collagen, is the point when the wrinkles appear. Although this process cant is stopped it can be delayed if you keep adding collagen to your skin. Hydrolyzed collagen has been seen to work in the same way as the natural collagen in the skin. It helps fibroblast to start dividing and secrete new collagen as well.

A fibroblast is the cells in the skin that are responsible for secreting the new layer of collagen. These cells lose their dividing capability when they age. Thus, adding collagen in your skin care can help your fibroblast to reproduce as well.

Today, collagen is a part of a number of skin care products. The reason is the same they hydrate your skin and give it the glow that you are missing.


Extra virgin olive oil plays a very important role to maintain skin. It comprises some of the best antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are compounds that help in eliminating free radical for the skin. These radicals are causing skin damage and make the skin looks older.

It creates a layer of sebum on the skin, which gets absorbed faster. The antioxidants in the olive oil remove superoxides from the cell surfaces. These superoxides are responsible for the oxidation of fats. Fat oxidation causes the generation of free radicals and harmful ions.

Besides this, olive oil also contains vitamin E, D, and K. These are fat-soluble vitamins which act as antioxidants. Thus, helps in skin regeneration.



Tea polyphenol is yet another antioxidant added to the face mask. These are active compounds that have antioxidant properties 4 to 6 times greater than the synthetic antioxidants that are used in the products.

These antioxidants combined with the collagen act as a great compound to help fight the aging signs. Collagen not only helps in skin tightening, but it also helps in absorption of other antioxidants as well.


Aging is one of the biggest problems that we all have to go through. Skin is the main defence organ that suffers. Thus, the earliest signs of aging come on the skin first then it affects other parts of the body. There are many reasons which are causing your skin damage.

The anti-aging face mask is really a future into the anti-aging cosmetics. This mask comprises of the right amount of all the antioxidants that are required to get a better skin. Their active ingredients include collagen, tea polyphenols, and extra virgin olive oil.

These moisturizing masks are tried and tested. They cause no allergic reactions when applied to human skin.