Fall is such a beautiful season with the perfect weather and all of the pumpkin spice things. The cooler weather means the skin is be more prone to getting flaky and dry. When seasons change your skincare routine should change too. There is still some time to get ready for the fall weather and the transition to the fall skin care routine is really easy. Also to remember to take really good care of your hands and neck since they are an easy way to tell your age.

 Skincare Fall Season



When fall season starts kicking in, you must make sure you switch up the cleanser that you’re using. Use a cleanser that will give your skin what it needs during the fall season other than using the same cleanser you used during summer. When the weather gets cooler, you need to start using thicker creams that are creamy also don’t use foamy cleansers so that your natural oils don’t get stripped from your skin.


As the weather starts to get cooler the skin becomes drier and prone to getting flakes. You must exfoliate so that your skin won’t look dull from the dead skin build up. Oil-based exfoliating scrubs are the best for fall and winter because you will get an extra boost of hydration. There are so many types of oily scrubs to choose from. In result, your skin will look healthier, feel smooth and soft, and have a healthy glow to it. Exfoliate gently and don’t over exfoliate so that you don’t damage your skin. Also don’t forget to exfoliate your lips to get rid of the dead and dry skin.


You can use any toner as long as it doesn’t have any alcohol in it so it doesn’t dry out your skin. Using a toner is one of the most important steps in your fall skincare routines. One thing will do is restore your pH balance which is important because the skin’s barrier is responsible for making sure your skin is moisturized and keeps out bacteria and germs. In order for it to skin’s barrier to doing its job, the pH in your skin needs to be balanced.


Cooler weather mostly leads to sensitive, dry, irritated skin. Using a serum is so important to your skincare regimen because it has an ultra-concentrated dose of ingredients that are powerful that will help with every skin type and issue. During the fall you mostly want to use hydrating serums for the lost of hydration in your skin during this type of season. There are many serums that will fit your budget that will work perfectly.

 Skincare fall Oils


One of the biggest mistakes people make during the fall and winter seasons is not wearing any sunscreen. Even though UVB rays (causes burns on the skin) are weak during fall, the UVA (which causes skin aging and fine lines) is still strong. Wearing makeup that has SPF in it is not enough. Makeup with SPF just sits on top of your primer and maybe moisturizer so it’s not going to be as effective. Wearing sunscreen under makeup can be beneficial since it makes it hard for light to get through. Us formulas with the same textures and bases to avoid product pilling up. Like if your makeup products are water-based then use an SPF that is water-based.


I know it seems like it’s unnecessary to change your products to keep up with the weather but trust me your skin will love you for doing so. The skin naturally produces less oil in the fall and winter seasons, so you need to moisturize. Moisturizing helps your skin perk back up, giving you a healthy look. Using moisturizer will also help decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Pick a moisturizer that is lightweight so it doesn’t clog your pores.


Using eye cream is a great thing it uses in your fall skincare routine also eye need attention to during the fall. Since the eye area is dryer especially during the colder seasons you need to use eye creams. Eye creams help prevent wrinkles, lines, and keep the eye area hydrated.


Lots of people forget about their lips when it comes to there fall season skincare. Lips during the cooler seasons get very chapped because they get dried out. When its cold out your lips can’t hold in the moisture so it will naturally dry. Licking your lips don’t help either because the cold air will suck the moisture off. You can keep your lips protected by using lip balm every day,  not licking them when they’re chapped, treat crack as soon as you get them, use ointment-based lip balms to lock in moisture, and also apply lip balm before you go to sleep.