Rosacea, Acne Rosacea or Adult Acne



Rosacea, formally known as acne rosacea or adult acne, is a medical condition type of skin disorder that mostly affects the face and spread out the redness or acne-like over the face and more often it comes with a feeling of heat.

It is related to blood vessels and moves around with circulation of the blood and can trigger some area of the face more than others, like causing large red papules and pustules in the nose, cheeks, and chin areas.

The sudden flushing of blood to the face triggers the growth or expansion of new blood vessels that causes a higher skin temperature in persons with this condition.

Depends on the person and condition flushing can occur when the body becomes hot, like eating spicy foods or drinking alcohol, usually red wine. Some people may notice flushing during or after exercise as soon as their body gets hot.

Note: The first symptoms may be just a redness across the nose and cheeks, and it is most common in light-skinned persons.


There is no confirmed cause or cure for rosacea yet, however through the use of medical treatment and lifestyle and skin care, there are many successful and proven ways to control and manage it.


Your lifestyle and habits can have a big effect on triggering and flushing of the face skin by making this skin condition worse, that is why you should define these triggers in your lifestyle and avoid them as much as possible.

Most common flushing triggers

As a person who has rosacea, you should define which factors mentioned here are affecting your skin more than others and avoid them.

_ Sun exposure: must be avoided all the times and they should be wearing a sunscreen every time facing sun.

_ Heat exposure: this heat could be any kind of heat from anywhere like sitting in front of a fireplace, cooking with high temperatures that you feel the heat, exposing the sudden heat while opening the oven, hot weather, steam sauna, or steam bathtubs or even hot water on skin.

_ Alcohol or any kind of drinks or beverages that makes your body hot.

_ Chili foods or spicy foods.

_ Stress can also trigger flushing.

_ Exercises in an indoor place with higher temperature, so it’s been advised to exercise outside before sunrise and after sunset.


Skin Care Products Triggers

In general, alcohol-based skincare products that evaporate quickly or they contain peppermints, menthol or any other ingredients that increase blood flow in skin, anything that scrapes the skin, or some facial masks that releasing heat may trigger this skin condition, that is why you should treat the skin more alike sensitive skin.

Rosacea Subtypes

Subtype 1: Spreads facial redness in the nose and cheeks and turning red extremely easily. The redness in this type can appear and disappear easily and skin can sting and burn occasionally.

Subtype 2: This type seems like acne and pimples are larger than normal with surrounded redness skin area and the skin in these areas may appear dehydrated.

Subtype 3: This type is known as Rhinophyma and it’s resulting in an enlarged nose and thickened appearance in size, and it’s the only common rosacea type in men.

Subtype 4: This type is mostly caused visual problems by occurring in the eye and eyelids and resulting in redness in eyes, and it makes small, lumpy cysts in the eyelids.  


Rosacea can be kept under control by using prescribed topical and/or oral medication, controlling flushing; avoiding heat, spicy foods, and other triggers; and using nonirritating skin care products. It’s important to identify this condition by examining the symptoms and help determine the proper skin care products or treatments to reduce redness and avoid inflammatory products.