Through the years of history, the ideal look of people has changed a lot. People have always been expected to change their looks over time with different fads and styles. People have always loved going to the pool and beach to relax and get a tan. Everyone knows that having glowy skin is always in. People all over the world have always tanned. For many years fake tanning has become very popular for men and woman. People used to lay in the sun to tan but that can cause skin problems so that’s when fake tan started happening. Over the course of years, a lot of tanning salons have been built and more tanning companies have started than ever. So many people are obsessed with fake tanning to get that beautiful healthy bronzed look. Self tanning can be high maintenance, so if you don’t want to keep up you can try a different way to tan. There are a lot of benefits when tanning as it gives you confidence, it’s a happiness boost, and makes you look slimmer and more toned, and help disguise small scars. There are many ways to get a tan but the best way is to use a self tanning mask.

Natural Self Tanner


Tanning beds/booths: Tanning beds are one of the most common ways to get a tan and they work by using special UV ray lamps. The rays are responsible for tanning the skin and you can use them without absorbing UV-C lights. Booths are the same except you have to stand up when in the beds your laying down. You have to be at least 18 years old to use tanning beds or booths.

Tanning pills: The pills work by changing your skin from the inside. Tanning pills contain canthaxanthin, which can change your skin color. If you use these pills you will have to use a lot of them so they can change your skin color. You’ll have to use them for about two weeks to see the results.

Airbrush tan:  When you get sprayed your skin will get darker and even look tan. After people get an airbrushed, they are asked to exfoliate their skin and to not wear any lotion, makeup, deodorant, and perfumes. Exfoliating the skin after getting it done is important because it will cause someone’s skin to have the application more effectively. Getting sprayed normally won’t stain your clothes but just in case you should wear something you don’t care about. It would take at 15 minutes or less to get fully sprayed and then a couple of minutes for it to dry. You should wait for the next day to take a shower or bathe and it will last for about one week.

Tanning mist: They are like sprays but not as heavy. People mostly use them for touching up their applications. It easy to apply to your skin and it normally dries instantly.

Bronzers:  This is a different type of tanning that only last for a little bit. People wear this tanning for a day and can be washed off. Bronzers can be as gels, powders, sticks, and sprays.

Tanning masks/lotions: Using self tanning masks/lotions are better and most popular because it doesn’t really dry out your skin and it allows your skin to absorb UV rays. Some of the self tanning masks contain DHA and some don’t. You would directly apply it to your skin to make it darker. Using this will require people to not wear any makeup until the tanning process is done. After using it avoid washing for a couple of hours. This will last for about a week.

Natural Organic Self Tanning



  • Exfoliate and wash before tanning because if you don’t, your tan will be patchy and uneven
  • Don’t apply self tanning mask until your skin is fully dry
  • Shave or wax before you tan
  • Make sure you exfoliate your ankles, knees, feet, elbows, and wrists very well
  • Apply to one body part at a time using little amounts of product
  • Also, apply in layers to reach your shade of tan you want
  • After applying self tanning mask, don’t shower/bathe excessively for a couple of hours
  • If you want the best results, use a tanning mitt or gloves to avoid staining
  • Don’t put clothes on until it dries
  • To maintain your tan you could reapply a little bit maybe every other day
  • Moisturize twice a day to make your tan last
  • If you can’t reach your back get a back applicator
  • Avoid oils if your tan isn’t waterproof
  • Start applying from the bottom and work your way up
  • Don’t exfoliate after self tanning and don’t use exfoliating gloves or mitts until you want to take your tan off
  • When your done washing pat dry instead of rubbing

Put lotion on your knees, elbows, hands, and feet before using self tanning