Skin Care products

Skin Care products

Skincare products

Moisturizers, sunscreen, pigment lightener and other formulations have been upgraded to improve and have a better result by adding a drug like an ingredient. Even though the effect may be small, but by using them over a period of time, you can improve the appearance of skin.

Skin care products are mostly targeting the biological function of the skin. They improve Skin tone and texture while reducing wrinkles. Vitamins, sunscreens, hydroxy acids & many more have proved their efficacy in treating skin.

The most common materials used in Skin care products

skincare products

Moisturizing Agents:

When applying moisturizers to the skin, a thin layer of the ingredient is forming which contains moisture and reveals better appearance to the skin. Some ingredients containing formulations facilitate in normalizing the damaged skin. Moisturizers mostly hydrating the skin and make them feel softer and can even adjust physiology of skin and you can always use them for dry skin.

Sunscreen Agents

Chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen are two kinds of sunscreen agents that are reducing the exposure to the sun by preventing skin cancer and early wrinkling. They are also used to prevent sunburns. Chemical sunscreens are protecting the skin from the sun by absorbing the (UV) and physical sunscreens are reflecting, scattering, absorbing, or blocking the visible sun rays.

Hydroxy Acids

They are Divided into different acids such as AHA, BHA, PHA, and bionic acids, and they are found in most of the marketed cosmetic preparation, mostly in antiaging, moisturizers and peels. They are also being found in skin treatment products to skin health and acne.

skincare products

Vitamins in skin care products (included Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C)

Vitamin A is very well supported by evidence for the treatment of acne. Vitamin A fight cancer, reduce wrinkles, increase blood flow, and is anti-aging. Vitamin B3, is available in cosmetic products and can be used for some types of acne, as well as aging skin, and also increases skin resistance to environmental insult from damaging agents like leading to less irritation, skin redness, and inflammation while Vitamin E is effective in preventing oxidative damage to skin just like preventing acute and damage from chronic UV radiation. Vitamin C is mostly known as an antioxidant and has been utilized as a skin lightener.

Skin Lightening Agents

They are known to be whiteners, brighteners or bleaching in cosmetics by reducing pigmentation in the skin. They are commonly used to treat acne, age spots and even used to lighten naturally dark skins.

Chemical Peeling Agents

The most common peeling agent used to treat fine lines, sun damage and results in better skin texture and brighter skin. Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane and is used as an ingredient in skin lightening products. It may also be used as a peeling agent to increase the efficacy of other lightening agents by removal of the dead skin. Repeated peels every 2‐3 weeks are necessary to attain significant lightening.


Skin care products, Vitamins, sunscreens, hydroxyl acids & many more have proved their efficacy in treating skin diseases and enhancing the skin texture.