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PEPTIDE FOR SKIN CARE Nowadays time is flying by and wrinkles and fine lines are popping up out of nowhere and will remind you that you're getting older. If you want to have your skin stay, looking and feeling young, use skin care products that have Peptides in them. Peptides for skin care are biologically occurring short chains of amino acid monomers linked by peptide bonds. Peptides for skin are safe to use a potent ingredient that benefits even the most sensitive skin problems including rosacea. Peptides for skin care are mostly known for increasing collagen production. Collagen gives structure to your skin and makes your skin look young but as you age your skin starts to lose its powers of...

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WHITENING MASKS Driven by a growing desire for a flawless light colored skin has made the skin whitening market over 10 billion dollars. Skin whitening is said to be one to enhance one’s physical appearance. Whitening masks are hydrating and help brighten uneven skin tones and get rid of discolorations and acne scars by lessening the concentration of melanin. Melanin is the primary determinant of skin color. Many people use whitening masks to get rid of hyperpigmentation’s, especially people engaged in an open and media related occupation like modeling and acting. You would use this type of mask by applying it to your face and let it stay there for a couple of minutes and then wash it off.  ...

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Aging is one of the worst nightmares that everyone have to go through. Aging occurs due to some changes that are going into the cells of the body. Thus, the whole body has to go through these changes as time passes. Skin being the most superficial layer and the barrier to chemical particles has to suffer the most. It has to deal with all the environmental challenges. The appearance of fine lines on your face and pigmentation is one of the earliest signs of aging. Most of the people nowadays are having these signs earlier then they should be. Well, pollution is the main culprit. Increasing toxic substances in the air are causing more damage to the skin. This is...

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