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Skin types!

What Is My Skin Type? Determining your skin type and conditions is a great skill to have. It is the key to plan a correct skin treatment. Before start and determining your skin type and what to use or not, It’s important to know and consider your health history, skin care, lifestyle or habits, medical conditions or any other information that can affect your skin treatment. For example, if you are allergic to all forms of nuts, you must avoid using any products containing nuts or nut by-products or using a honey and almond scrub on your skin will likely cause an allergic reaction. Common allergies include fragrances, nuts, iodide allergies (avoid seaweed products), specific sunscreen ingredients or etc… how...

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DIFFERENT SKIN TYPES  Everyone’s skin is different and it will change over time but it is very important to know your skin type so that you can get the right products. The products you use and your skin care routine should all depend on your type of skin so that your skin can look it’s best. If you didn’t know there are 5 types of skin. OILY SKIN If you have shiny, greasy skin and get breakouts on a regular basis you most likely have oily skin. Oily skin is medically known as seborrhea and you have this skin type because our body makes oil to keep our skin nice and soft, but if too much oil is produced it...

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