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Skin Care products

Skin Care products Moisturizers, sunscreen, pigment lightener and other formulations have been upgraded to improve and have a better result by adding a drug like an ingredient. Even though the effect may be small, but by using them over a period of time, you can improve the appearance of skin. Skin care products are mostly targeting the biological function of the skin. They improve Skin tone and texture while reducing wrinkles. Vitamins, sunscreens, hydroxy acids & many more have proved their efficacy in treating skin. The most common materials used in Skin care products Moisturizing Agents: When applying moisturizers to the skin, a thin layer of the ingredient is forming which contains moisture and reveals better appearance to the skin....

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Vitamins For skin

TOPICAL VITAMINS FOR SKIN Vitamins are organic compounds required in tiny quantities for normal function also obtained from the diet. Vitamins for skin are mostly active agents in skin care products designed to improve skin appearance. So vitamins have been used in cosmetic products and certainly, there is the rationale for such use since they have beneficial effects across a wide spectrum of skin problems. There needs to be careful formulation when using vitamins to prevent loss of activity through photoinactivation or premature oxidation. VITAMIN A Many types of vitamins for skin care are used cosmetically. The most popular ones are retinyl esters, retinol, and retinaldehyde. Vitamin A fight cancer, reduce wrinkles, increase blood flow, and is anti-aging. Through endogenous enzymatic...

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