Whitening/Brightening Mask

THE BEST SKIN WHITENING MASK; This WHITENING MASK is made of NATURAL ingredients to clear skin from Dark spots, scars and melanoma and leave luminous even tone skin.

SKIN LIGHTENING CREAM: iLIGHT contains super effective SKIN LIGHTENING ingredients: Glycolic acid that evens skin tone, Bearberry extract a NATURAL SKIN BRIGHTENER, Vitamin C a known powerful NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT and Dead Sea minerals that nourish your skin and accelerates the process of replacing new skin cells. Leaving your skin with Even Tone, youthful and Bright.


SKIN BRIGHTENING CREAM; This LOTION-CREAM helps brighten body skin tone and gently reduce the color of OLD ACNE SCARS and FRECKLES from the sun. Hides age spots and PIGMENTATIONS, and lighten DARK PATCHES.

OUR 100% GUARANTEE; Our premium WHITENING MASK was formulated with highest quality NATURAL INGREDIENTS with highest standards to BRIGHTEN your skin and fade DARK SPOTS ; If you don’t like your results using our LIGHTENING MASK, you will be fully refunded, no questions asked; Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button today, and enjoy your Bright skin!